Controlling Fusarium Wilt In Pigeon Pea

By TheHindu on 08 Jul 2015 | read

The yield loss depends on the stage at which the plants wilt

AMONG SEVERAL pulse crops grown in India, pigeon pea (cajanus cajan), commonly known as Arhar, is an important food legume. Fusarium wilt is a major limiting disease of pigeon pea caused by Fusarium udum. The yield loss depends on the stage at which the plants wilt. In India the infestation occurs in almost every state in which pigeon pea is cultivated, especially in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Disease symptoms

- At the initial stage (four to six weeks) visual symptoms are loss of turgidity in leaves and slight intervenial clearing.- Slight chlorosis of foliage, sometimes turning bright yellow.- Browning of xylem vessel from the root system to stems.- Drying of branches.

Control Measures

- Follow crop rotation with sorghum- Green manuring with Crotolaria juncea decreases infection of wilt. Amendment of soil with neem or castor oil cake- Biological control by use of antagonists such as Bacillus subtillis, Micromonospora globosa, Trichoderma harzianum and T.viride