Controlling Black Aphids In Corriander And Green Chili

By Vijaianand Mohan on 05 Feb 2016 | read
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I had really bad experiences with Aphids couple of years before especially with  Green Chili and in one instance my 2 feet taller green chili plants got completely destroyed due to this pest.

Unfortunately it came back again and this time on the new setup. The pests seems to explode in numbers within a week and the leaves started to turn curly.

Below is the affected chili plant:

Image title

For a change, I tried some organic pesticides and neem oil . But no luck, both the pesticides seems to control other insects except Aphids.

With the help of internet, it seems the most recommend option is to use high pressure water spray with help of a small sprayer.  With some hesitation I tried this option anyway and wow it worked great!!. Basically it takes couple of tries to get used to, but its pretty simple.


You might need to adjust the spray pressure for different sections of the plants. If you are spraying on the stem part you can increase the pressure, but for the flowers and the leaves keep it mild.

Make sure you remove all the aphids,  not even a single black spot so it wont come back.

Sprayer I used:

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I don't know how this option will help plants on a large scale, but for home gardens this seems to work well. Its cheap and without any pesticides. Obviously this doesn't prevent Aphids from coming back, but it seems simple to avoid.

If you have some good recommendations to control aphids, please share.