Contour Bunding

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Contour Bunding

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  • To intercept the runoff flowing down the slope by an embankment.

General information

  • It helps to control runoff velocity.
  • The embankment may be closed or open, surplus arrangements are provided whenever necessary.
  • Cost

  • Approximate cost for laying contour bund is Rs. 1500/- per ha.

Salient features

  • It can be adopted in light and medium textured soils.
  • It can be laid upto 6% slopes.
  • It helps to retain moisture in the field.
Depth of soil (m)Base width (m)Top width (m)Height (m)Side slope (m)Area cross section (sq.m)
Shallow soils (7.5 � 22.5 cm)2.670.380.751.5 : 11.14
Medium soil (22.5 � 45 cm)3.120.600.851.5 : 11.56
Medium deep soils4.250.600.901.5 : 12.18

Image titleContour bunding construction

Image titleContour bunding along the slope

Image titleContour bunding with Maize cultivation

Image titleContour bunding with Grass

Situations for various bunding options: 

Bunding optionsSoil typeRainfall (mm)Slope (%)
Contour bundLight soil>1.5
Graded bundAll soils1.5
Bench terracesDeep soil>10006.0
Graded boarder stripDeep Alfisol and related red soil>800>1.5

In-Situ Moisture Conservation Techniques :

Soil TypeRainfallIn-Situ Moisture Conservation Techniques
Red soilLowDead furrow at 3-6 m interval
 MediumSowing on flat bed and riding later with eventual cultivation
 HighGraded border strips
Black soilLowContour cultivation
 MediumDead furrows at 3-6 m interval
 HighGraded open furrow (0.2 to 0.3 m3) at 10 m interval across the slope