Colleges do their bit to save water

By Times Of India on 22 Mar 2018 | read
With the onset of summer season, there is no denying the fact that water crisis is looming large over Nagpur. City campuses too are equipped with various water conservation methods to combat the water scarcity. In fact, the students are also being sensitised and explained the importance of saving water. On World Water Day today, we narrate the measures taken to save water on various campuses…
Field visits and various awareness programmes on water conservation have always been a part of the extracurricular activities at LAD College. We have even introduced a six-week certificate course on various methods of water conservation in collaboration with RTMNU. The students engage in different skits, one-act plays on their own level to spread awareness on the conservation of water and its importance, not just in college, but also at different vital public spots in the city. Apart from this, we have also planned a national conference on water conservation for the upcoming academic session.
— Dr. Deepali S. Kotwal
Principal, LAD College

Water Conservation is very essential in today's developing society. In order to sensitise the students about conserving water, we conduct various innovative activities. Recently our students went to people's homes in and around the city to explain to them how they can do their bit for conserving water. They also told people about the drip irrigation method that can be used in their gardens and how this method consumes very small amount of water. Apart from this, we regularly organise seminars and workshops for our students on water conservation. Arya Agrawal, Civil Department,RCOEM.
— Dr Lalit Khullar Director Tirpude College

I strongly advocate that youngsters today should know the importance of saving water. As GH Raisoni College of Engineering is located at a hilly terrain, for conserving water, we have two special units which are water harvesting and water recharging. The waste water from RO comes into a tank with 1 lakh litre capacity. We have also made a special arrangement for water recharging for a nearby locality to raise the water level.
— Dr Preeti Bajaj, Principal,
GH Raisoni College

At Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, we have done rainwater harvesting and water recharging in two wells. In fact, we are also planning to install a water treatment plant for reuse of grey water. Also, it is necessary to create awareness among the students on how the water is conserved and we are constantly working towards that through club activities, fest and other events.
— Dr Yashwant Khatpatal, Professor at Civil Department

We have water sewage treatment plant on the campus premises, which has the capacity to treat 100 litre per hour of waste. The treated water is used for gardening and other purposes. We also have rainwater harvesting plant and water from our terrace is collected and the tube wells are recharged. We also have a sewage treatment plant at our girls’ hostel.
— Father Siju, financial administrator, St Vincent Palloti College of Engineering