Cold Storage Status & Units In Tamilnadu

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                                                COLD STORAGE

India is the largest producer of fruits and second largest producer of vegetables in the world. In spite of that per capita availability of fruits and vegetables is quite low because of post harvest losses which account for about 25% to 30% of production. Besides, quality of a sizable quantity of produce also deteriorates by the time it reaches the consumer. Most of the problems relating to the marketing of fruits and vegetables can be traced to their perishability. Perishability is responsible for high marketing costs, market gluts, price fluctuations and other similar problems. At low temperature, perishability is considerably reduced and the shelf life is increased and thus the importance of cold storage or refrigeration. The first cold store in India was reported to have been established in Calcutta in 1892. However significant progress in the expansion of the cold storage industry in the country has been made only after independence. With a view to ensuring the observance of proper conditions in the cold stores and to providing for development of the industry in a scientific manner, the govt of India and the ministry of agriculture promulgated an order known as "Cold Storage Order, 1964" under Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act,1955. The Agricultural Marketing Advisor to the Govt of India is the Licensing Officer.A cold storage facility accessible to them will go a long way in removing the risk of distress sale to ensure better returns.

Status of Cold storage and its potential in India 
The estimated annual production of fruits and vegetables in the country is about 130 million tonnes. This accounts for 18% of our agricultural output. Due to diverse agro climatic conditions and better availability of package of practices, the production is gradually rising. Although, there is a vast scope for increasing the production, the lack of cold storage and cold chain facilities are becoming major bottlenecks in tapping the potential. The cold storage facilities now available are mostly for a single commodity like potato, orange, apple, grapes, pomegranates, flowers, etc. which results in poor capacity utilization.

Storage of foods and Storage Conditions 
Foods and many other commodities can be preserved by storage at low temperature, which retards the activities of micro organisms. Micro organisms are the spoilage agents and consist of bacteria, yeasts and molds. Low temperature does not destroy those spoilage agents as does high temperature, but greatly reduces their activities, providing a practical way of preserving perishable foods in their natural state which otherwise is not possible through heating. The low temperature necessary for preservation depends on the storage time required often referred to as short or long term shortage and the type of product. 
In general, there are three groups of products:

  1. Foods that are alive at the time of storage, distribution and sale e.g. fruits and vegetables,
  2. Foods that are no longer alive and have been processed in some form e.g. meat and fish products, and
  3. Commodities that benefit from storage at controlled temperature e.g. beer, tobacco, khandsari, etc.
  4. Living foods such as fruits and vegetables have some natural protection against the activities of micro organism. The best method of preserving these items is to keep the product alive and at the same time retard the natural enzyme activity which will retard the rate of ripening or maturity. 

Preservation of non-living foods is more difficult since they are susceptible to spoilage. The problem is to preserve dead tissues from decay and putrefaction. Long term storage of meat and fish product can only be achieved by freezing and then by storing it at temperature below -15oC. Only certain fruits and vegetables can benefit from freezing. However, for fruits and vegetables one should be very careful about the recommended storage temperature and humidity a deviation from which will have adverse effect on the stored product leading to even loss of the entire commodity.

Products such as apples, tomatoes, oranges, etc. cannot be frozen and close control of temperature is necessary for long term storage. Some product can also be benefited by storing under controlled atmosphere and modified atmosphere conditions. 
Dairy products are produced from animal fats and therefore non living foodstuffs. They suffer from the oxidation and breakdown of their fats, causing rancidity. Packaging to exclude air and hence Oxygen can extend storage life of such foodstuffs.

A cold storage unit incorporates a refrigeration system to maintain the desired room environment for the commodities to be stored. A refrigeration system works on two principles:

  1. Vapour absorption system (VAS), and
  2. Vapour compression system (VCS)
  3. VAS, although comparatively costlier, is quite economical in operation and adequately compensates the higher initial investment. Wherever possible such a system should be selected to conserve on energy and operational cost. However, it has its own limitations when temperature requirement is below 100C and many of the fruits and vegetables except seeds, mango, etc. require lower than 100C for long storage.

VCS is comparatively cheaper than VAS. There are three types of VCS systems available depending upon the cooling arrangements in the storage rooms i.e., diffuser type, bunker type and fin coil type. Diffuser type is comparatively costlier and is selected only when the storage room heights are low. The operational cost of such units is also higher. Bunker type is the cheapest and is preferred when storage room heights normally exceeds 11.5 m. Its operational cost is also low. Fin coil type, although about 5% costlier than the bunker type, is very energy efficient with low operational cost and higher space availability for storage of produce. Such system is used for units with room heights of 5.4m onwards. 
In a refrigeration system, refrigerants are used to pick up heat by evaporation at a lower temperature and pressure from the storage space and give up the heat by condensation at a higher temperature and pressure in a condenser. Freon used to be a common refrigerant but as it causes environmental degradation, its use is going to be banned by the year 2008. Therefore, Ammonia is being increasingly used and preferred for horticultural and plantation produce in cold storage units.

Heat load factors normally considered in a cold storage design are:

  1. Wall, floor and ceiling heat gains due to conduction
  2. Wall and ceiling heat gains from solar radiation
  3. Load due to ingression of air by frequent door openings and during fresh air charge.
  4. Product load from incoming goods
  5. Heat of respiration from stored product      
  6. Heat from workers working in the room
  7. Cooler fan load
  8. Light load
  9. Aging of equipment
  10. Miscellaneous loads, if any
  11. Desired Storage Environment of Fruits and Vegetables in the cold storage
CommodityTemperature (oC)Relative Humidity (%)
Apple-1 - 390 - 98
Apricots-0.5 - 090 - 95
Avocado7 - 1385 - 90
Asparagus0 - 295 - 97
Beans, green4 - 790 - 95
Beet root0 - 295 - 97
Broccoli0 - 290 - 95
Black berry-0.5 - 095 - 97
Cabbage0 - 290 - 95
Carrots0 - 290 - 95
Cauliflower0 - 290 - 95
Cherries0.5 - 090 - 95
Cucumber7 - 1090 - 95
Brinjal0 - 290 - 95
Grapes-1 - 185 - 90
Lemons4 - 1586 - 88
Lettuce0 - 195 - 98
Lime3 - 1085 - 90
Mango11 - 1885 - 90
Melon water2 - 485 - 90
Orange0 - 1085 - 90
Peach-1 - 188 - 92
Potato1.5 - 490 - 94

                                        LIST OF COLD STORAGE UNITS








1Raja cold storage SF No. 173/8E,Sendurai main road, Ariyalur-621 704Perumballur3500multipurposePvt
2Tamil Nadu Coop marketing Fed. Ltd, Basin bridge road, Chennai-600 012Chennai2000multipurposePvt
3Department of racing Guindy,Chennai-32Chennai12multipurposePub
4Pukharaj Mohanlal 169, Govindappa Naik st, Chennai-1Chennai25dry fruitsPvt
5Maruthi Ice and cold storage 7, Abdul razak st, Saidapet, chennai-18Chennai40fish,meatPvt
6Inter sea exports corporation 64,Habibulla road, T Nagar, chennai-17Chennai250Marine productsPvt
7Little top exports ltd 1, Kamaraj park st Royapuram Chennai-13Chennai200marine productsPvt
8TNFDC Ltd 67,Greams Road Chennai-6 CS at AdayarChennai50Marine productsPub
9Spencer & Co 788, Mount road Chennai-2Chennai102multipurposePvt
10Tamil nadu coop Marketing federation Ltd,, 91,St.Mary's Road,Chennai18 (CS at Koyambedu market)Chennai3000MultipurposeCoop
11Himachal Cld stotage Ltd, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai-1Chennai4000multipurposePub
12Modern Ice Manufacturers 93, Dr. natesan road, Mylapore Chennai-4Chennai25Fish, MeatPvt
13Sivitha ice creams p ltd, 92, P.H. road, Chennai-84Chennai50ice creamsPvt
14Asvini fisheries ltd, 10,K.B. Dasan Road, Chennai-18Chennai200marine productsPvt
15Madras Ice factory & CS 99, Sydenhams road, Chennai-600003Chennai50Marine productsPvt
16Kalyani marine exports 166,peters road Royapettah,Chennai-14Chennai300Marine productsPvt
17KPS Cold storage Ooty road, Mettupalayam-641 301 (unit-II)Coimbatore1500multipurposePvt
18Nahar Cold storage Thadagam road, Coimbatore-1Coimbatore1500multipurposePvt
19Tamil nadu coop milk marketing fed ltd, Coimbatore dary CoimbatoreCoimbatore280milk productscoop
20KPS Abdul Majeed & Co 10.Olylla st, Mettupalayam-641 301Coimbatore2500multipurposePvt
21Kwality ice creams P ltd E-47,Kurichi Ind.Estate Coimbatore-641 021Coimbatore40ice creamsPvt
22Abhirami cold storage P ltd Palaugarai Village Avinashi Taluk CoimbatoreCoimbatore1000multipurposePvt
23Suvai foods Vaikalpalayam, Perur main road, Coimbatore-541 010Coimbatore40ice creamsPvt
24Nilgiri cold storage Ooty road Mettupalayam-641 301Coimbatore3000multipurposePvt
25AKS cold storage SF No. 956-57 Bhadrakaliamman koil Tekkampally village Mettupalayam-641 305Coimbatore5400multipurposePvt
26Kerala food packers Kinjampettai Cuddalore port-607 003 (closed) (closed)Cuddalore100Marine productsPvt
27George Maijo 112, Sonagat st, Cuddalore. (closed) (closed) (closed)Cuddalore25marine productsPvt
28ASA cold storage Ameer estate,Azad nagar Krishnagiri-635 001Dharmapuri5000multipurposePvt
29Tamil nadu Coop milk marketing Fed. Ltd, Krishnagiri dairy KrishnagiriDharmapuri490milk productsCoop
30New Vennila cold storage 117A, Jettihalli post Dharmapuri- DtDharmapuri3200multipurposePvt
31R.R cold storage 140/A, Kattinayarapalli, Varathanpalli Road Krishnagiri- 634 001Dharmapuri5000multipurposePvt
32Brothers cold storage 65, Nalla Thambi st Krishnagiri (expansion)Dharmapuri1400multipurposePvt
33Jayalakhmi cold storage KrishnagiriDharmapuri750multipurposePvt
34Vennila cold storage 25-A,Kaliappa Gounder st Mathikonpalayam DharmapuriDharmapuri2500multipurposePvt
35Brothers cold storage 65, Nalla thambi st, Krishnagiri-635 002Dharmapuri2000multipurposePvt
36Ebenezar cold storage, Odanchatram Taluk, DindigulDindigul1200multipurposePvt
37Tamil Nadu Coop milk Marketing Fed Ltd, Dindigul dairy DindigulDindigul38milk productscoop
38Avanam Pillayar cold storage P Ltd, 31-A, MVM Nagar, Dindigal- 624 004Dindigul2000multipurposePvt
39Saravana cold storage 30/1 B1,Viralipatti Village Koovanoothu PO, DindigulDindigul4000multipurposePvt
40Nilgiri dairy farm ltd, ErodeErode50milk productsPvt
41Tamil nadu coop milk marketing fed. Ltd Erode dairy ErodeErode602milk productscoop
42Thirumuruga cold storage Ltd, SIPCOT Ind. Estate, Perumdurai Erode (dt)Erode5200multipurposepvt
43George maijo & Co, Plot.No.23, MGR road, Palavakkam, Chennai-41(closed)Kancheepuram250Marine productsPvt
44Westernfarm fresh P ltd 15/1-B1 Varadarajapuram Poonamallee SriperumbudurKancheepuram2500fruits and vegetablesPvt
45Abad Overseas P ltd, C/2, SIPCOT Ind. Estate, Irrungattukottai Chennau-602 105Kancheepuram500Marine productsPvt
46Aries exports P Ltd Kumaran nagar, Old Mahabalipuram road Chamacheri, Chennai-96Kancheepuram100marine productsPvt
47Devi marine exports ltd, 63/1, Muttukadu road, Chennai-41Kancheepuram150Marine productsPvt
48New India Maritime Agencies 55, Armenian st Chennai-1 CS at TondiarpetKancheepuram750MultipurposePvt
49Agri-Marine exports P ltd Ennore coastal high road Chennai-19Kancheepuram75Marine productsPvt
50Liberty cold storage Ltd, 63/1, Muttukadu road, Neelankarai, chenni-41Kancheepuram750Marine productsPvt
51New India maritime agencies 55, Armenian St, Chennai-1 CS at TondiarpetKancheepuram400Marine productsPvt
52TNFDC Ltd 67, Greams Road, Chennai-6 Cs at Ennore CS at AdayarKancheepuram100Marine productsPub
53Agar & Alginate Laboratories Muttukadu road, Neelankarai, Chennai-41(closed)Kancheepuram75Marine productsPvt
54Farm SuzzanneP ltd Palavakkam Chennai-41Kancheepuram200Marine productsPvt
55Blue star foods 4-215A, MGR road Palavakkam Chennai-41Kancheepuram150Marine productsPvt
56Victoria Marine & Agro exports ltd, 37, Old Mahabalipuram road,Padur, ChennaiKancheepuram350marine productsPvt
57Overseas marine products D-3.block, DII, Alwarpet Chennai-18 CS at kancheepuram DtKancheepuram400Marine productsPvt
58Cochin sea foods, 4/216 , MGR road, Palavakkam,Chennai-41Kancheepuram150Marine productsPvt
59Orient marine products P Ltd Manjambakkam, Chennai-600 060Kancheepuram300marine productsPvt
60Ayshwarya Seafoods Ltd 4/364, Anna Rd,Palavakkam Chennai-41Kancheepuram150marine productsPvt
61RBT exports 291,Bandikavannor village Ponneri TalukKancheepuram180marine productsPvt
62Balaji sea food exports Ltd 107,Bandikavannor village Sholavaram post Chennai-67Kancheepuram140marine productsPvt
63Sri sakthi cold storage P ltd 35, Kazhipattur village Padur post Kancheepuram DistKancheepuram400marine productsPvt
64Ocean foods I ltd Padur village Old Mahabalipuram road Chennai-103Kancheepuram100marine productsPvt
65Westernfarm fresh P Ltd Varadarajapuram Poonamalee Sriperambadur,ChennaiKancheepuram5475multipurposePvt
66Asian marine products p Ltd East coast road, Injambakkam, Chennai-41Kancheepuram150marine productsPvt
67Oceanic Fisheries Ltd Padanthalmoodu Kanyakumari DisttKanyakumari50Marine ProductsPvt
68Relish foods P Ltd, 17/9B, Tirunelveli Road, Madhavapuram, KanyakumariKanyakumari75Marine productsPvt
69M.M.Hitech cold storage P ltd, 104, East masi st Madurai-625001 (expansion)Madurai2000multipurposePvt
70Ayyanar cold storage Madurai-Dindigul NH Ayyankottai Madurai-624221 (expansion)Madurai206multipurposePvt
71Ayyanar cold storage , Dindigul NH road, Ayyankottai, Madurai-624 221.(expn)Madurai3200multipurposePvt
72Kaveri cold storage Paravai village Madurai-625 402 (expansion)Madurai2000multipurposePvt
73Farmer brothers & co 33, M.C. Chidambara nadar st, Virudhnagar CS at MaduraiMadurai3500multipurposePvt
74M.M.Hi-Tech cold storage P ltd, 104, East Masi st, Madurai-625 001Madurai2000multipurposePvt
75Tamil nadu coop milk marketing fed. Ltd, Madurai dairy MaduraiMadurai735milk productscoop
76Kaveri cold storage 39C/NH, Paravai Village, Madurai-625 019Madurai3500MultipurposePvt
77Ayyanar Cold storage Madurai-Dindigul NH Ayyankottai,Madurai-624221Madurai4000MultipurposePvt
78ADR cold storage, D-24, SIDCO Ind. Estate, Kappalur, Madurai.Madurai2327multipurposepvt
79Tamil Nadu coop milk marketing fed ltd Ooty dary OotyNilgiris470milk productscoop
80Shanmuganathan cold storage P ltd, 95-A, Thiru-Vika nagar, Puthur, Trichy-620 017 (CS at Puthukottai)Puthukottai2500multipurposePvt
81TNFDC Ltd Boat building yard Mandapam 623 518Ramnathapuram100Marine productsPvt
82Poyilakada fisheries Ltd RS No.38/1235, Nagachi Village, Uchuppudi Ramnad DistRamnathapuram200Marine productsPvt
83Baby marine exports Mandapam Ramnadapuram DtRamnathapuram400Marine productsPvt
84Asvini fisheries Ltd, 10, K. B dasan Road, Chennai-6000 18 (CS at ramanathapuram)Ramnathapuram300marine productsPvt
85Tamil nadu coop milk marketing fed ltd, Ramanathapuram dairy RamnadRamnathapuram40milk productscoop
86Tamil nadu coop milk Marketing Fed Ltd Salem dairy SalemSalem543milk productscoop
87Raj Vignesh cold storage P ltd, 107/5B,Kudalore village Sankan Taluk SalemSalem2500multipurposePvt
88Sri Selvi cold storage P Ltd, 81/6-C, kanagagiri village, Kakapalayam, Salem-637 103Salem2500multipurposePvt
89Atlantic foods Ramalingapuram Salem-636 106Salem100Ice creamsPvt
90Sri Sachithananda Cold storage,90, east masi St, Madurai-625 001 CS at TheniTheni3000multipurposePvt
91Sri Sundaram Cold storage Allingaram,Periyakulam Rd, TheniTheni4000multipurposePvt
92National dairy devt. Board Ambattur dairy AmbatturThiruvallur175milk productscoop
93Parwaz food packers 289/2B,Thiruvallur road Alamatti, redhills Chennai-52Thiruvallur200marine productsPvt
94Saradakripa cold storage P ltd, plot. No.34, Madhavaram Village Ambattur TalukThiruvallur5400multipurposePvt
95Renuka Parameswari cold storage P ltd, S.No. 766/1 Near Madhavaram Fly over MadhavaramThiruvallur6050multipurposepvt
96Poorna Vijayasali cold storage ltd, 14, Lotus colony Ist street, Madavaram Chennai-600060Thiruvallur3100multipurposePvt
97SBP cold storage P ltd P H Road, Noombai village, Behind sindhi college Chennai-600077Thiruvallur2000multipurposePvt
98Tamil nadu coop milk marketing fed. Ltd, Ambattur dairy II AmbatturThiruvallur384milk productscoop
99Govind cold storageP ltd Ambattur Taluk ThiruvallurThiruvallur4150multipurposePvt
100Tamil nadu coop milk marketing fed ltd, Ambattur dairy AmbatturThiruvallur575milk productscoop
101Hatsun foods Company Nallur Village,Ponneri, Thiruvallur DtThiruvallur200ice creamsPvt
102Omshakthy Cold Storage pvt ltd, 1/145,APH road,Vanagaram Chennai-102Thiruvallur1000multi purposePvt
103Somanica foods P ltd 372, Ind.Estate Ambattur, Chennai-58Thiruvallur45ice creamsPvt
104Tamil nadu coop milk marketing fed ltd, Tirunelveli dairy TirunelveliTirunelveli130milk productscoop
105Trichy cold storage P ltd, SIDCO Ind.Estate, Thuvakudi, Trichy.Trichy5000multipurposePvt
106Nila sea foods 166-A, North beach road, Tuticorin- 628 001Tuticorin50marine productsPvt
107George Maijo & Co, 2-B, Apex Plaza 3, Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai-34 CS at MandapamTuticorin75Marine productsPvt
108Amulya sea foods C-84, SIPCOT Ind. Estate Tuticorin-628 008Tuticorin200Marine productsPvt
109Amulya sea foods P ltd, C-97 SIPCOT Ind. Estate Tuticorin-628008Tuticorin200Marine productsPvt
110Diamond seafood exports 3/52,Krishnarajapuram Tuticorin-628002Tuticorin150Marine productsPvt
111TNFDC Ltd 166A, North beach road, Tuticorin-628001Tuticorin150Marine productsPvt
112Kings international Aqua exports ltd, 51/15B, Muniaswamipuram II st,Kamaraj Salai, Tuticorin-628 101Tuticorin100marine productsPvt
113Baby marine eastern exports C-75 SIPCOT Ind.Estate Tuticorin-628 008Tuticorin400Marine productsPvt
114Theva & Co 3/52, Krishnarajapuram Tuticorin-2Tuticorin200Marine productsPvt
115Nila seas foods P ltd, 137-A, Pudurpandiapuram Tuticorin-628 002Tuticorin500marine productsPvt
116Amulya sea foods C-96 SIPCOT Ind.Estate Tuticorin-628 008Tuticorin100marine productsPvt
117Ninans cold storage SIPCOT ind.complex Madathur TuticorinTuticorin5150Fruits & VegetablePvt
118Nila cold storage P Ltd 215-B, Pudurpandiapuram TuticorinTuticorin10000multipurposePvt
119Kadar Investment & trading Co Ltd, C-51 SIPCOT Ind.Estate, Tuticorin-8Tuticorin500Marine productsPvt
120Indus cold storage 1/129, Chitheri, VelloreVellore1000multipurposePvt
121Sri Krishna cold storage 10/2-5, Paranattamangalam SalemSalem5300multipurposepvt
122Adi Sakthi cold storage p Ltd, Annur road, Bellady village, Mettupalayam.Coimbatore5000multipurposePvt
123kolar Cold storage Alamaram stop Jedayampalayam village MettupalayamCoimbatore4500multipurposepvt
124Palamudir cold storgae Chinnayampalayam CoimbatoreCoimbatore500multipurposepvt
125Ranga Lalitha Cold Storage, 500, Main Road, Shevepet, salem-636 002Salem2000multipurposePvt
126Vidya Bharathi cold storage, 152/34, G N T Road, Madhavaram, chennaiThiruvallur5500mutipurposepvt
127Garden Fresh cold storage, SF 89, Karisalpatti, Allampatti PO, ThirumangalamMadurai2500multipurposepvt
128Sri Ayyappa Hitech cold storage Ltd, 277/2, Jadayampalayam, Annur road, Mettupalayam, CoimbatoreCoimbatore5000multipurposepvt
129Ranga Lalitha cold storage, 500, main road, Shevapet, salem-636 002Salem2000multipurposepvt
130EmpeeBee Exports&imports, 109/3, Noombal Village, AmbattoorThiruvallur3000multipurposepvt
131Fazil cold storage, SF 68, Punganur village, Dindigul road, Trichy.Trichy4400multipurposepvt
132Elumalai Cold Storage P Ltd, 31/1A, Padikasipatti village, Rajapalayam,Virudhnagar,Virudhnagar2320multipurposepvt
133Sree Bishnu Potato cold storageLtd,SF 464/3,Bellathi village, MettupalayamCoimbatore7000multipurposepvt
134Devraj Agro Industries 103, women ind. Park, Thirumullaivoyal, AmbattorThiruvallur5760multipurposepvt
135Kolar cold storage 238/1, Jadampalayam village Mettupalayam.Coimbatore4250multipurposepvt
136Arunachala cold storage 219/1A-4, Puzhal Vill, Vadaperumbakkam, Ambattur.Thiruvallur5300multipurposepvt