Cleanliness Drive, Segregation Of Wastes, And Conversion Of Waste To Wealth Through Composting On 27.12.2018



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A cleanliness drive was held in the areas around the growth chambers and also near the Biotechnology building. Waste was segregated into biodegradable and non-degradable portions. Biodegradable waste was taken to the solid waste management unit of the Institute and a demonstration on converting the biodegradable waste into manure was given to all the staff of the division. All the farm laborer’s (men and women) working the divisions of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry and the Division of Biotechnology were benefitted from the demonstration. A small talk was also given by Dr. Rajendran on the importance of converting waste into manure and also on the benefits of keeping the surroundings clean and maintaining the personal hygiene.

Similar activity involving Stock taking of waste management, Composting of kitchen and home waste materials around CHES Campus was held by the CHES, Chettalli staff.