City to have 433 compost pits by April-end

By Times Of India on 10 Apr 2018 | read
Aurangabad: District collector and in-charge municipal commissioner Naval Kishore Ram on Monday informed that various wards in the city have started to compost organic waste through 71 pits, while the work on constructing another 144 pits is underway.
“The city will have a total of 433 compost pits by April-end to take care of its organic waste,” he said.

Incidentally, as per the affidavit filed by the state chief secretary to the high court on city’s waste management, the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is supposed to implement its short-term action plan by May-end.

Under the short-term plan, the nine zones of the city should achieve cent per cent segregation of waste at source, collection of the segregated waste, begin composting of wet waste through decentralised pits, recycle dry waste by looping in rag pickers and private scrap dealers among other technical things.

Ram said that the city has achieved up to 75% segregation of waste at source. He however, expressed concerned over the remaining 25%. “Mixed waste coming on the road is making the city look dirty and to deal with it, segregated waste collection is the only solution. We hope to achieve 100% segregation by April-end,” Ram said, adding that without public participation, the task is difficult.

“We want people to chiefly cooperate with us on three areas. Every household should segregate waste at source, abstain from throwing waste and allow the sanitary staff to run compost pits in open spaces within their wards. Composting pits are not dirty places. Composting is ideal and an old system of waste management,” he added.

Though the civic body is not planning to bring machines for organic waste anytime soon, the bailing machines and segregators will be in the city by mid-May. By November, the city will have its own bio-methanation plant and by March 2019 it will have a central waste processing unit.