City chemist develops herbal solutions for better agriculture yields

By Times Of India on 28 Jul 2017 | read
Nagpur: Considering the ill effects of chemicals' use in agriculture, a Nagpur chemist, Surjyoti Bagchi, has developed a number of highly diluted herbal extract formulations, calling it nano solutions, for use in agriculture as fertilizers and pesticides. Bagchi has developed five different types of materials for agricultural use and tested them in farm lands, getting some encouraging results.

Bagchi, who has been working on this for over two years, told TOI that he got an increase in the yield after using it and also managed to keep the major pests away from various crops, including certain flowers. "All my products are of herbal origin and are used in very dilute forms 10 raised to 10 dilutions. The solution are used for efficient nutrient management, nano nutrient particles which are used to increase the seed vigour and nano pesticides for efficient pest management. At nano level, the physical and chemical properties of a material change compared to bulk material as reported in literature," he said.

Use of conventional chemical fertilizer has destroyed the fertility and life of the soil. It has also increased surface as well as underground water pollution. Hence, there is an urgent need to shift to use of nano materials. And especially if they are herbal in origin, they enhance the water absorbing, fertilizer utilization capacity of the plants and minimize the residual effect of pesticides.

Vinod Khedikar from Pohara village in Bhandara district says he tries the product on brinjal and obtained not only an increase in size but overall yield also. Similarly, Mahesh Hedgaonkar from Takalghat near Butibori also obtained good results with brinjal and flowers like rose. "There was enhancement in flowering in rose, tube rose etc. On brinjal, the white fly and sucking pests were not there due to use of the spray," he said.

Bhupesh Raut from Wardha used the products on black gram and observed faster germination. Now, he wants to try it on cotton and wheat also. "I want to gradually switch to organic cultivation with these products," he said. Sudhakar Kanire, who owns a nursery, says he has got good result on all nursery flowering and non-flowering show plants. The white fly attacks was also gone completely. "I tried it on chilli and brinjal also and god very good results," he said.

Kishor Deshpande, Smritikona Roy, Nitesh Jambule, Amit Bankar and Sushil Gedam too have expressed satisfaction over the results on flowers and vegetables.

Bagchi says that he will go for another few years of trials before commercializing the products. "The results are good. I want to give the products to as many people as possible before actually bringing my products into commercial market," he said.

BOX: With pic of two packets of products

Products developed — All are in nano form, less than 10-10 dilution

1 Kohinoor Gold -Nano nutrients — All mega and micro nutrients in nano form (10-10)

as fertilizer

2 Biotonic- Herbal nutrients — Herbal based ingredients like Alfa Alfa and Avena Sativa based in nano form

3 SIL- Silica based fertilizer — Water soluble nano silica (silicic acid) as fertilizer (in combination with nanonutrients) and antifungal agent

4 Sujlam — Pesticide and pest repellent — Herbal extract is used for pest repellent, pesticidal properties against common pest like white fly, mealy bug, aphids, fruit borer in brinjal etc. More formulations are under research for other pests, antifungal, bacterial diseases

5 TAB — Pesticide on tobacco mosaic virus on chilli and citrus gall wasps

6 Flower Plus- Growth enhancer and pest repellent for flowering plants-It helps flowering and also control pest on flowers. Growth of flower is also very good