Citrus Soil & Climate

By National Horticulture Board on 03 May 2016 | read



It can grow in almost all types of soil having a pH range of 5.5 to 7.5 provided it is sufficiently aerated and allows taproots to penetrate to the desired depth. Citrus grow well in loam or sandy loam soils.Deep alluvial loam of Indo-Gangetic plains, the coarse friable black soils of Maharashtra and similar black soils of Deccan and murmur soils are considered excellent for growth of sweet oranges and mandarins. A deep uniform, loamy and well-drained soil is best for Nagpur Mandarin cultivation.Saline or alkaline soils and those having lime nodules should always be avoided for citrus.


Citrus plants grow well in tropical and subtropical climates and can stand light frosts occasionally. The O O average temperature for good growth is about 16 to 20 C. Citrus can grow well between an altitude of 500 m to 1000 m. It grows well in drier areas having rainfall up to 500 mm to hilly areas having 2500 mm of rainfall.The loose-jacket oranges prefer slightly higher elevations and tracts possessing relatively higher humidity.Mandarins prefer more humid and tropical summer climate with warm winter and high rainfall.However Nagpur mandarins are successfully cultivated in arid irrigated conditions of central India.Limes and lemons require warm and moderately moist conditions for its growth.