Cholavaram Agro in North Chennai Suburbs reports close to 150 mm of which 114 mm fell in an hour

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 11 Jul 2017 | read
Its a cloud burst like rain in Northern Suburbs
North Chennai and suburbs absolute carnage right now. What a nice finish in the end. Minjur records 68 mm in an hour while Kadambathur near Tiruvallur records 82 mm.

No more 1000% alerts. Pothum da saami. Rains have covered most places in Chennai. Once main rains stops, the steady rains will continue for few hours. Just look at the radar rain rate in North Chennai. Absolute thrashing. Tomorrow i will come up the rainfall quantum in each place around Chennai region. Lake areas up north should come up with great numbers.

Its 1.00 am better go to sleep now. Good night to all.