Chennai too has good chance of rains with the heat kicking in today

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 23 Aug 2017
Lots of Action to be seen today in the Interior district of Tamil Nadu. Bangalore is going to see heavy rains today.
With weak west coast, the activity now shifts to Tamil Nadu for next three days. Unlike yesterday where Chennai was to depend on storms moving in land. Today we might see overhead development of storms. Now u will understand why sun is too crucial for rains in our city during the SW monsoon. And when ever there is heat, there will be chance of evening storms.

Arilyalur - Delta region, Vellore, Chennai, Tirivannamalai, Erode, Tiruppur, Salem, Krishnagiri, Bangalore, Dharmapuri, leeward side of Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Pondy, Madurai-Sivaganga-Pudukottai to name a few will get rains. Watchout for Bangalore, as it might get heavy rains tonight.

Tomorrow too Chennai has very good chance of rains.