Chennai to get rain shortly at some places while drought hit Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi got very heavy rains

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 02 Nov 2017 | read
Today Chennai too get brief spells of rains with breaks and sometimes breaks will be long. No fear of floods as of now and dont believe any rumours.
Break coming to end as Chennai to get sharp spell shortly in some places and it wont be a big spell, while Tirunelveli got the heaviest rain of 150 mm after many many years. Kulasekarapattanam in Thoothukudi too was smashed with 136 mm heavy rainfall.Tiruchendur gets first drop of rains after 1 year as it records 65 mm rainfall, Thoothukudi City too gets first monsoon rains.

Delta too is getting rains right now and this will continue for a while.

With so many bands of clouds parked E and NE of Chennai, they will move towards Chennai today from E & NE and as it nears Chennai they will converge, so we will again see many spells of rains with breaks. But nothing to fear of floods. Some spells will be very short one. Some spells will not cover entire chennai. Sometimes it will be long breaks.