Chennai Rain Update - This spell has come to an end in core city of Chennai and Rain shifts to outskirts of Chennai like a water ripple moving away

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 03 Nov 2017 | read
More action can be expected too later in night / early morning.
Tiruvallur distirct is going to get heavy rains as the snake band of clouds shifts west of Chennai. Delta is getting rains, soon pondy and cuddalore may good steady rains.

More Action - Keep an eye on the ripple effect of big mass of clouds from Delta
We might see some more action later in the night / early morning. The ripple effect is applicable to big band of medium intensity clouds rippling away from Delta belt. One more spin, those huge clouds can be close to Chennai may be after mid night or early morning. Hope u all can assume what i am trying to say.

Go to sleep now, if something major crops up, i will update.