Chennai Rain update - SWM may have ended statistically, but with westerlies prevailing, today is again a perfect day for Veppa salanam (Convective) Rains in Chennai and surrounding areas

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 30 Sep 2017 | read

Whatever rain we receive from today will count in North East Monsoon quota irrespective of SW monsoon still very much there in major parts of the country.

Chennai Rains
With steering winds improving, we are going to see daily in rains in Chennai in the evenings / nights. Yesterday, i was in Redhills which lies inside the north part of City. it was trashed 47 mm fell in just 15-20 mins. I could not even see the buildings it was blinding spell.

Today and coming days for Chennai and Surrounding areas- Daily Rains on cards.
So today too the rains are going to continue in City. Not only today, on daily basis in the evening / night we will be getting this kind of intense burst of Thunderstorms. Let the earth get saturated before onset of North east monsoon, which is going to happen only after 20th of October any time in the 4th/5th week of October. More or less a delayed onset is confirmed. Remember delayed north east monsoon never decides how the monsoon will pan out.

Enjoy the rains.