Chennai Rain Update - Most of the heavy rains fell just fell close to the sea off Chennai instead of moving inside the land

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 11 Nov 2017 | read
And the present cloud even though it is so big, it will start to fizzle out. Only Light rains happening inside the city as of now.
The morning heavy spell missed us by a very close margin, had the rains moved few kms inside, it would been a very very heavy rainfall. Sadly, its not the case. I waited waited and waited only see the rains happen in the sea close to us for last 10 hours.. Now the clouds are turning into stratiform ones (die off after maturing). Will go to sleep now.

Not much expected in the day
So no more heavy spell expected as of now in the coming hours. So you can carryon with your work planned today as day will be cloudy with only light to moderate rains.

Later in the day - Today evening / tonight
As long as low pressure area is near us, it will try to again form new clouds and some bands of clouds should fall over us. As this clouds will now weaken, it will take time for next clouds to from atleast by evening / night. Lets hope there is one good spell later in the day.

Further updates will be put up, as things develop in the evening / night.