Chennai Rain Update - Mighty show has come to an end

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 03 Nov 2017 | read
Rain abates though Radar shows massive clouds off Chennai coast like yesterday night - Nothing to worry, as they are either dissipating as it nears the coast or shifting up. Drizzles / Light rains may continue form the rain clouds disssipating into Stratiform clouds.
Good morning too all. No more fears from this spell. You can see the image attached as the clouds moves inland, the intense clouds are changing into stratiform clouds, only light rains or drizzle are possible from it. If they convert into startiform, Drizzles / Light rains may continue from them for hours.

In case the clouds sustain, i will update. So, as of now no threat of heavy rains from the big clouds near Chennai. Dont be surprised even if the sun hits us today.

Thanks to the mighty one, the rains happened at night and the water would have been drained at many places....Office poganum pola...he he.

Today and coming days
But rains are not over from this low for Chennai. In coming days rains can be again expected as long as low is there. I will put a update later in the day for today's show.

Mapping the flooded areas
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