Chennai Rain Update - As posted yesterday morning, more on and off rains spells can be expected today and tomorrow

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 07 Nov 2017 | read
Next incoming clouds looks semma intense, it may last 15-20 minutes
Tempted to post. Morning are peak time for North East monsoon rains. As the moisture available can spurn a cloud any time. That's why it rains always when you go to school or office time. Today we might 3-4 spells of rains with breaks.

Even though it rains for 5 to 15 mins it will be intense spell. it may not rain at all the places and some places will miss often in some spells.

Even tomorrow morning (Wednesday) we can expect sharp morning rains. After that no moisture incursion is seen.

So enjoy the rains. We are in a break from tomorrow 2nd half. Only break, we have active NE monsoon ahead with more low expected to form.

Coonoor belt gets rains yesterday night, atlast as expected.