Chennai, KTC belt and other areas in Tamil Nadu close to coast to see sudden spells of rains mostly short spells as we near the onset date

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 22 Oct 2017 | read
Always carry an umbrella or rain coat. You will never know when the rains will start.

Winds to change to east from 25th/26th October (onset of North east monsoon may between 26th October - 1st November - A delayed onset as interpreted earlier by me.
Wind from land (West) are going to change to winds from Sea (east) from 25th October.

While the IMD model shows some dumbell kind of pressure on 26th October, the European model shows the dumbell around 31st October. Mostly onset will happen within this period. Refer the pics attached you will understand urself.

Chennai badly need rains. We are -42% below normal in October till date

It seems my days of over night duties are going to start soon.