Chennai and TN Rain Update - What a perfect NEM day

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 26 Nov 2017 | read
Chennai to get on and off rains in small spells with sharp ones at time. This will be the pattern for next 3 days. Delta is getting rains too.
Good rains in ECR
ECR belt of Uthandi, Siruseri, Kelambakkam, Thiruporur and Kovalam are getting smashed right now. It missed Chennai by a whisker, else we would have got unexpected good spell which ECR is getting right now.

As you can see in Radar, more and more bits and pieces clouds are forming and coming towards Chennai. So Chennai will get on and off showers now and then. Some of the spells will be sharp and intene too.

There is good chance that Chennai may get one or two spells like what ECR is getting right now. But no heavy flooding rains type. So enjoy the awesome ooty like weather.

Rains will go to South TN from night and tomorrow (refer yesterday post)
The low is expected to travel via Sri Lanka and go into Comorin Sea (Kanyakumari Sea). So South TN is well poised this time to get good rains.