Chennai and TN Rain Update - North and West Chennai is seeing good spell, overall drizzly, light rains in other parts of Chennai

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 10 Nov 2017
Cuddalore, Nagai, Karikkal, Thiruvarur will be thick of action today and tomorrow.
Today Cuddalore to Delta belt
Cuddalore to Delta belt too see lot of action today with specifically, the Delta belt (Cuddalore to Karikkal, Nagai, Thiruvarur can see heavy rains from tonight). There is perfect convergence of winds in that belt.

Today Chennai
Today For us to rain, the clouds have to form in NE of Chennai and there is one band which is forming NE of us but little far away. Just keep an eye on it. Its too mature already, so it might weaken too. But lets have a look on it. In case it comes favorable to us, i will update again. But the wind direction not so favorable, lets see.

Coming days chennai
Chennai needs to wait till Sunday while there may be some rains like what happend today morning before that. In case if the bands are pushed fast as it was the case today, we can also see rains from tomorrow (saurday) itself in Chennai. Overall, a wet weekend ahead.

Radar Tracking - Hope you all followed the cloud mass i showed you in the previous post which needs to be tracked and not the one close to us. That is is one which is giving rains now to North and north west Chennai regions, while other parts of chennai are getting drizzles or showery rains.