Census Of Horticulture Crop Varieties In Karnataka

By TheHindu on 18 Oct 2016 | read

Karnataka is embarking on the census of horticulture crops across the State soon. The purpose of this census is to build a data bank of the horticulture crops in all the districts.

Karnataka is one of the leading states with a large variety of horticulture crops. With no exact data of any crop, the Horticulture Department has been finding it difficult to workout plans and programs to boost horticulture. Understanding this, the department has now decided to undertake a detailed census of all fruits and vegetables at a cost of `11 crore.

Horticulture Department Principal Secretary M K Shankarlinge Gowda told Express that correct statistics of the crops are not available in the state records.

“It is our ambition to create an information bank which helps us promote horticulture,” headed.

The department has records of plantation crops like coffee, thanks to the Coffee Board.But the statistics on areca, coconut, mango and other crops are not correct due to crop migration. A farmer, who has been growing one crop may have switched over to another.

“We say onion is grown on 1.9 lakh hectares in Karnataka. But it may not be correct. In order to have a reliable data, we are taking up the census,” he added.