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21 Apr 2017

How do you like to celebrate your birthday? After the partying and feasting, many of us sit back to think about the year that has gone by and the year ahead. It is a day we reflect on ourselves and our life. But what about this precious planet that sustains us all? Though we do not know Earth’s exact birthday, we do set aside a day in the year to slow down and appreciate this beautiful planet.

The five most pressing environmental problems of today are climate change and global warming, deforestation, extinction of species, soil degradation and pollution.

Earth Day on April 22 is our annual reminder to reflect on our planet.. Established in 1970 in the U.S, this day was founded as an environmental educational forum but soon became a global movement. For Earth Day 2017, there are Marches for Science and teach-ins (a series of lectures and discussions) being planned globally.

The theme for Earth Day 2017 is Environmental and Climate Literacy. The world is using the Earth’s resources irresponsibly and causing irreparable damage. We need to be aware about the dangers and threats our environment faces today so that we are geared to protecting it.

It is important to think of everyday as Earth Day and not just celebrate one day in the year.


Air pollution occurs when harmful gases and tiny particles enter the atmosphere and make the air around us dirty and unhealthy. Water pollution is the draining of chemicals and toxic substances into our water bodies and underground water sources. Throwing garbage into lakes or even ‘lucky’ coins into rivers leads to water pollution. Land pollution occurs when you litter the ground. When the sounds around us get too loud it has a damaging effect on our health as well as that of the animals and birds around us.

How you can help

Do not litter. Always put it in a rubbish bin. Recycle as much as you can. The more litter you throw, the more pollution there is.

Use environment friendly idols, natural Holi colours and so on.

Volunteer with a local clean up drive.

Extinction of species

What is similar between a dodo and a dinosaur? They are both extinct! Extinction occurs when a particular species of animals or plants does not exist any more. Extinction of a species affects the entire food chain. For example, when the dodos became extinct in Mauritius, the Calvaria tree started dying out. This is because the dodos helped to spread the seeds encouraging the growth of new trees. We are all interlinked and extinction affects all of us.

CELEBRATION: A time to preserve and take care of our earth.   | Photo Credit: PTI