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By Krishi Vigyan Kendra on 18 Jul 2016 | read

Mr.K.K.Somasundaram, progressive organic farmer hailed in Sinthagoundanpalayam village of Anthiyur Taluk,Erode district.  He is a marginal farmer having 2 acres of land which was efficiently used by him to provide sufficient food for his family and livestock.  He is a member in MYRADAKVK organized farmers group, Erode District Organic Farmers Federation (EDOFF) and scientific advisory Committee.

He was exposed and trained in various organic farming, various organic input production, Integrated farm development, etc., with the support of MYRADAKVK.  This will trigger him to think of conserving traditional livestock breeds and crop varieties.  Since he is having small land holding, he divided the lands accordingly for ensuring year round food production for their family and live stocks.  He is also practicing natural & ecological farming and producing various types of inputs like Amrit gel, Jeevamirtham, Effective micro organisams, EggAmino Acids which was supporting to improve the crop economy.

Mr.S.Saravanakumar and Mr.P.Pachiappan, SMS from MYRADA KVK said “He is promoting and advocating the neighborhood farm families to practice the organic farming practices and he is also providing free guidance for preparing organic inputs which reduces the cost of cultivation and improves the fertility status of the soil.  In search of organic farming he visited and trained by nationwide institutes like Go‐Vigyan AnushandhanKendra, Nagpur, Rotary Vocational training center, Karaikal, Horticulture Training Center, Pune, Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Chennai,

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These training will induce him to produce various products from byproducts of traditional breeds (Cow dung & Urine).  He initially started for producing / manufacturing soap from the cattle resources at small level and the recognition and feedback received from the consumers to motivate him to manufacturing various products.  Currently he is producing 10 different types of products such as soap, tooth powder, hair oil, pain relief oil,facial powder, vipoothi, incense stick and shampoo.

He is producing various types of products from the by‐product of single cow.  The milk obtained from the cow is used for their own consumption.  On an average he is producing the products with a value of Rs.35,000.00 per month.  Apart from that the manufacturing generates employment opportunities to their family members throughout the years and to the neighbor families.    All the products were marketed through Uzhavanangadi promoted by MYRADA KVK.  Many farmers inspired by him and some of the approaches are followed by other farmers in the district.  He felt that “by using his products the community is prevent from commonly spreading diseases”.

Dr.P.Alagesan, Programme Coordinator, MYRADA KVK, Erode district told that he is the active community resource Persons (CRP) for popularizing various organic farming techniques promoted by our Kendra.    His involvement is always to conserve the traditional breeds and varieties and to inculcate the important value of them to the community.  For more details:


Sriranga gaushala products,

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