Campaign To Reduce Use Of Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides

By TheHindu on 14 Dec 2016 | read

G V Prasada Sarma

Stepping into what hitherto has been concerned farmers’ pursuit, the Agriculture Department has launched a campaign to promote organic farming in the kharif season.

As a part of the exercise, in 10 clusters of the district, including three in the Agency area, 3,000 farmers have been identified to take up zero-budget natural farming. They will take up the farming in a part of their holding.

“In organic farming no chemical fertilizer and pesticide will be used. This is intended to provide two benefits: one it will bring down the cost of inputs making agriculture viable and secondly, it will deal with the more critical issue of chemical residue in foodgrains owing to their excessive use either to improve productivity or fight pests,” says Joint Director (Agriculture) V. Satyanarayana.

For organic farming natural fertilizer and pesticide are produced from desi cow’s dung and urine, he explains. Some freely available plants in villages are mixed with the urine to produce natural pesticides.

A cow will help cultivate 30 acres, it is estimated.