Campaign to promote organic home gardening

By TheHindu on 29 May 2017 | read

A campaign to promote terrace gardens and kitchen gardens was launched by the Department of Horticulture here on Saturday.

It aims to encourage people having space around their house to grow kitchen gardens and to get people living in individual houses to grow terrace gardens. The idea is to get them to grow their own vegetables through organic farming. “When people grow their own vegetables, they get fresh and healthy ones. Many times, the vegetables available in the markets might have been grown using fertilisers,” said Guruprasad, Horticulture Officer.

About 250 persons attended the one-day training programme on kitchen and terrace gardening. The department will be distributing kits to beneficiaries after the start of monsoon.

“Besides Udupi city, we will be launching this campaign in Kaup Town Municipal Council limits also. If the number of beneficiaries is not enough, we might hold it in Saligrama Town Panchayat as well,” Mr. Guruprasad said.