Cage And Pen Culture Demonstration Under Tsp



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Vadodara Regional research centre of ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (RRC of ICAR-CIFRI) successfully organised demonstration programme on cage and pen culture for fingerling raising for tribal fishermen of Movi and Boridra village of Narmada district at Karjan Reservoir on 6 th January 2019 under Tribal Sub plan (TSP). During demonstration, advance fry of IMC were stocked in 0.2 ha CIFRI HDPE Pen and in four number of cages. The Pen structure installed at Karjan reservoir is the first of its kind in Gujarat. The cage and Pen will be used for raising of fry to fingerling and once they attain the size of fingerling around 100-110 mm, will be used as a stocking material in the Karjan reservoir. The species stocked were Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhinus mrigala. The Fishermen were demonstrated the stocking management in cage and pen culture, starting from transportation of fish seed, acclimatization of fish seed till their release. They were also made aware about feeding, water quality and health management in cage and pen culture for fingerling raising. Fifty tribal fishermen of the cooperative society attended the demonstration programme. The programme was made successful by the active participation of Dr. S.P. Kamble, Dr. D. Bhakta, Mr. W.A. Meetei and Mr.Vaisakh G. Scientists; Mr. R. Sah, Mr. J.K. Solanki and Mr. R. Prasad technical officials and Mr. C.D. Parmarwas administrative staff of this centre.