Brassinolides To Boost Banana Yields

By TheHindu on 02 Mar 2017 | read

BRASSINOLIDES (BR) are chemicals of plant origin which are known to occur almost universally in different plant species. They were first isolated from the pollen of Brassica napus (a close relative of mustard).

and has been recognized as the sixth group of naturally occurring plant hormones at very low concentration in crop plants.

The potential of these chemicals has already been commercially exploited in various crops such as grapes, tea, paddy, vegetables, watermelon and chillies.

Trials were conducted in Tiruchy on various banana varieties by spraying commercial Brassinolides formulation (double) at 100ml per acre in Tiruchy district.

Brassinolides spray was imposed once on two different bunch stages viz., bunches with developing fingers (fruits) and flowers and on the bunches after removal of flowers.

Average increase in bunch weight was 2.6 kg in the first stage and 2.8 kg in the second stage in Nendran variety and by 2.5 kg in the first stage by 3.0 kg in the second stage in Lally Poovan variety.

S.Ganesan and K.Raman,

Hyderabad 500 035