Bonsai wonders stand out

By TheHindu on 30 Nov 2016 | read

AMAZING: A 63-year-old Bonsai plant on display at the horticulture expo.AMAZING: A 63-year-old Bonsai plant on display at the horticulture expo.M.L.Melly Maitreyi

Some of the Bonsai plants at the Horticulture Expo are 65 years old

HYDERABAD: The ‘bonsai’ trees may look like miniatures in comparison to their conventional counterparts, but the differentiation ends there!

For the bonsai trees live as long and give the same kind and quality of yield of conventional variety – be it flowers or fruits. Some of them on display at the ongoing Horticulture Expo at People’s Plaza are as old as 65 years yet comfortably stand in special containers with colourful foliage and fruit grabbing one’s attention both for their exotic nature and the price they command in the market. Says G. Lalitha Shree, grower of Bonsai trees for the last 20 years, it is both an art and technique of bringing nature into one’s home and the best way to understand and respect nature from close quarters. “But above all, the Japanese art and technique of growing a bonsai tree calls for lot of patience and perseverance and they need adequate sunlight, water and nutrient,” she adds.

The plant takes careful nurturing, trimming to get the desired shape till it gets ‘settled’ in the container, she explains.

30 varieties

On the display are about 30 varieties, including a 20-year-old tamarind tree with rich yield of fruit, 63-year-old ‘Deva Ganneru’ with pink and red hued flowers. Several imported saplings bought at a cost of few thousand rupees each now stand short, sturdy and aesthetically shaped after 15 to 20 years commanding a price tag of Rs.3.5 lakh to Rs.13 lakh. Not all Bonsai plants are expensive though and young plants start from Rs.150 onwards which are becoming popular as gift items.