Blooming beauties spread joy

By TheHindu on 05 Mar 2017

Blooming chrysanthemums catch the eye instantly. Craving for attention are varieties of dianthus, euphorbia, petunia, melastoma, vinca rosea, bougainvillea, and celosia neatly decked beside, all amidst a sprawling lawn and small artificial water bodies rendering the scene a sense of bliss and mirth.

People are swarming the Kannur Flower Show organised by the District Agri Horicultural Society here. Began on January 18, the show will be on till January 28. According to the organisers, more than half-a-lakh people have already visited the show with Sunday recording the highest number of visitors.

Brisk business

It is a place of brisk business too with stall owners quickly packing off a favourite sapling of a flowering plant or grafts of chosen fruit trees – local and exotic varieties.

Orchids, anthuriums, adaniums and gerberas in different hues and sizes are a feast for the eyes. A range of roses are available here with per sapling priced at Rs.30 and for two Rs.50. Petunias are priced at Rs.30 too while gerbera costs Rs.100 per sapling in the stalls owned by private nurseries.

Among the orchid variety, flowered dendrobiums cost Rs.350 while the phalaenopsis are priced at Rs.850.

The Aralam Farming Corporation has brought in a variety of mango, coconut and cashew grafts. Seedlings of these are also available here. The Hitech Farm Development Society from Pariyaram has on sale a few exclusive items such as the saplings of soursop fruit durian, passion fruit, strawberry, mangostin, langsat, star fruit, velvet apple and stevia (also known as sweet leaf, used as a sugar substitute).

The Keo Savoy claims that mango and papaya grafts they have on sale will bear fruits in all seasons.

The District Agricultural Farm, Karimbam, has also their exclusive varieties for sale at the show.

Foliage plants, including sweeps of begonia and poinsettia, cactus and cryptanthus are part of the show, which has on display tillers,

tractors and other farming machinery and equipment.

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