Bio-Manure Gaining Ground In Pachamalai Villages

By TheHindu on 03 Jun 2016 | read
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FERTILE MIND:Vermi-compost has been fetching good returns for this progressive farmer at Ottampattiputhur in Pachamalai in Tiruchi District.— PHOTO: B. VELANKANNI RAJ

A group of farmers is supplying ‘pancha kavya’ and vermin-compost

A group of farmers of Konganimudakku at the foot of Pachamalai has been popularising bio-manure among tribal farmers of Pachamalai. The farmers have been producing vermin-compost and ‘pancha kavya’ and have been supplying it to tribal farmers.

There has been a growing demand for this bio-manure as it is available on bulk quantity at this farm. The pancha kavya is produced using cow-dung, cow urine, water, curd, milk, and yeast. “We supply ‘pancha kavya’ to tribal farmers who are not so familiar in preparing it,” says T.M.P. Thangaraj, founder of the TMP Vermicompost Production Centre at Konganimudakku village near Ottampattipudur on the foot of the hills.

P. Pazhanisamy, co-founder of the centre, said apart from tribal farmers, big farmers from Kancheepuram, Rasipuram, and Rajapalayam had been placing bulk orders for the bio manure. “We despatch the ‘pancha kavya’ by parcel,” he said.

The sprawling area of 10 acres accounts for a large number of shade-giving trees and the dry leaves were being utilised for preparing the vermin-compost.

Mr. Thangaraj said there had been a growing demand for using bio-manure. On an average, he markets 200 litres of ‘pancha kavya’ and four tonnes of vermi-compost. The profit margin is 50 per cent for ‘panchakavya’ and about 40 per cent for vermi-compost. He is prepared to impart training to those interested in starting similar units. He can be contacted by dialling 94435-50403.


Mr. Thangaraj said that onion cultivators were the largest beneficiaries of the bio-manure. “The pancha kavya protects the onion from the bad influence of mist and gives sheen and colour to the crop,” he said. Tapioca farmers of Pachamalai had been applying bio-manure.