Bio gas slurry drier

By Agropedia on 16 Aug 2018 | read

If area of a farmer to look after cows is less and bio-gas plant produces excess slurry from it. Then the water content in the srery is a problem to handle. A simple solution presents from my minds for a discusion here. I will be thankfull If you suggest any good idea to improve it are welcome. The same is published in Malayalam as a blog post by me. The separation of water from slurry was difficult one. Many trials for separaton of water from slurry done. Finally got the solution. First trial was by adding diluted formic acid with slurry. By the advice of Dr. Thamas Varghees added curd in liue of formic acid. within 48 hrs the water content from slurry separated and thick slurry like cow dung can be treated in aerobic compost plant which can be stored or transported as dried organic manure. I am thankfull to Professor (Dr) Fancis Xavier of Kerala Veteranary University for the guidance and support.