‘Bilambi’ Plant Arrives In Kadiyam Nursery

By TheHindu on 20 Sep 2016 | read

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A fully grown ‘Bilambi’ plant at Sri Satyanarayana Nursery Gardens in Kadiyam of East Godavari district. —Photo: B.V.S. Bhaskar

The world-famous Kadiyam nurseries are not only known for growing innumerable varieties of flowers, fruits and ornamental plants, but also some rare species of herbal plants which are known for their high medicinal values. “Bilambi” is one such plant which is gaining popularity since the last 10 months as hundreds of botanical students and researchers from different parts of the country are coming here to test the medicinal values of this particular plant.

Medicinal values

“The plant Bilambi started giving fruits from last few months, which we brought from Guruvayur Ayurveda Pharmacy. It is known to have rich medicinal values which can help in curing lung diseases,” said Palla Satyanarayana alias Sattibabu, one of the owners of Sri Satyanarayana Nursery Gardens (SSNG). He said that they had good stock of Bilambi to supply to customers.

Alternative to tamarind

Palla Venkatesh, a bio-technology graduate on plant tissue culture from Satyabhama University, Chennai, said that the traditional and local name of Bilambi is long-sized Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus Emblica - Binomial name) and its fruits are endowed with vitamin C. He said that many foreign researchers had proved that Phyllanthus Emblica in long size was a rare spice which good be a good alternative for tamarind in future.

Chilukuri Srinivasa Rao, State “Paryavarana Mitra” (Bio-friendly Award winner), said that plant lovers and front-yard garden owners could go in for organic and avenue plants like Bilambi, black guava, sweet lemon and other varieties which would give them good shade and health.