Beekeeping To Api-Therapy

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 07 Jun 2016 | read

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“In 2009, I produced 21 quintals of honey and sold at the rate of Rs.140/kg. This translates into a net profit of Rs.80/kg as the total cost to produce 1 kg of raw honey was Rs.60. It boosted my confidence and encouraged me to continue to pursue Bee keeping,” says Shri Rishi Ram Parashar,a Bee keeper and an Agriculture graduate, from Barna district, Kurukshetra, Haryana. Prior toBee keeping, he was a marketing executive in a pharmaceutical company for 15 years. Extensive travelling as Marketing Executive kept him away from his family thus prompting him to search for a new profession. In 2007, he joined the Agripreneurship development program organized by Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP), Karnal, Haryana, under the AC&ABC Scheme. During the training, he visited an Apiary in Karnal and was impressed by the activities and benefits of Bee Keeping. He sensed that, his search for a new profession had ended at that point and acquainted himself with all the technical know-how of Apiary. After training, he prepared a Detailed Project Report (DPR) worth Rs.10 lakhs and launched M/s Parashar Bee farm in Karnal.He invested his own capital of Rs.5 lakhs and for the balance, he applied for a loan to Oriental Bank of Commerce, Dhand district,Haryana. He had purchased an initial lot of 50 Bee hives and set up a honey production unit and sale points in his farm. Within the same year, his loan got sanctioned for Rs.5 lakhs, prompting him to purchase another set of 100 Bee hives.

During the first year itself, he had harvested 450 kgs of honey, and each kg of raw honey was sold @ Rs.120/kg thus earning a handsome profit. In the year 2011,around 270 Bee colonies were lost due to floods in Karnal district . However,without losing hope, he took it as a challenge and continued Bee Keeping. Shri Parashar says, “Beekeeping is mainly based on natural elements such as flowers, climate and Bees per unit area. It is a migratory business”. Hence, by knowing flowering season in different states, he re-locates the beehives from place to place. Every year, he relocates the bee hives to Kota, Rajasthan in December, to Hoshiarpur, Punjab in March and to Jammu and Kashmir & Aligarh in August. “Honey is a real commodity, can be easily stored and doesn’t get spoiled immediately after harvest, thus making transportation and selling almost effortless” says Shri Parashar.

Enriched with pharmaceutical experience, he wants to blend Apiary with health care as Honey has good medicinal value. He himself experienced positive impact of honey in curing ulcers and diabetes. Hence, his future vision is to start an Api-therapy center in his Bee farm and to provide services for the betterment of mankind.

He is also planning to establish honey processing plants for production of by-products like Bee pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee Venom and wax, which can be used in candle and soap industries. M/s Parashar Bee firm is getting popular day-by-day in Karnal district. Shri Parasharis conducting training on Apiary and educating fellow farmers to start Bee keeping venture. He has trained around 50 farmers in his own district and motivated them to start Bee keeping ata small level. He recruited eight full-time skilled workers and the Annual turnover of his firm touched Rs.20 lakhs.

Shri Rishi Ram Parashar

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