Beans Is Back On The Platter

By TheHindu on 22 Oct 2016 | read

The price of the vegetable crashed, thanks to a bumper yield

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Two months ago, beans was selling for a princely Rs. 180 a kg.

The price has now crashed to Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 a kg in wholesale markets, with some varieties even being sold at Rs. 5 a kg.

At Hopcoms, the vegetable costs Rs. 22 a kg, and the price is expected to fall further in the coming days.

A good spell of rain in June and July has resulted in a bumper yield.

The supply of beans, a seasonal crop, usually dips during the summer months.With the onset of the monsoon, the supply has increased.

“Last year’s drought resulted in widespread loss of vegetable crops, mainly beans. So there was a shortage of for almost eight months and the price shot up.The increased price prompted our farmers to cultivate beans in a big way, and with good monsoons so far, the they have got good yield, resulting in a price crash,” said a Hopcoms official.

“The city usually receives around 40 tonnes of beans every day during a good season.Now, over 60 tonnes of beans is being dumped in the market every day. When the prices had shot up, even in March–April, it was difficult to procure even 15 tonnes of beans in the city,” said a senior procurement official for a prominent retail chain in the city.

But farmers who shifted to cultivating beans expecting good prices are now staring at losses. G. Muniswamy Gowda, vegetable farmer from Devanahalli,said most farmers opted for beans this season.

Many like him, who were growing mixed crops, had increased the acreage of beans only to see a slump in the price now, he said.

A senior official in a retail chain said the city’s markets were being flooded with beans not only from Devanahalli but also from Malur, Kolar, V. Kote and even from far off districts such as Hassan.