BBMP plans to turn animal carcass into manure, protein powder

By Times Of India on 05 Feb 2018 | read
BENGALURU: If BBMP has its way, animal waste from slaughterhouses and carcasses dumped on the roadside will be converted into protein powder (for animal feed) and organic manure. The Palike's animal husbandry wing has long been considering an alternative to incinerate animal remains and this is being viewed as a viable alternative that will not only rid the city of waste but also convert it into a useful product in much lesser time. The plan is to set up two plants in the city at a cost of Rs 2 crore each.
"There's a huge demand for good-quality protein powder to be used for animal feed. We're in talks with vendors from Mumbai as well as local ones, including a privatefirmin Koramangala that is converting organic waste into protein powder but never had any takers. Primarily, the feed will be prepared from the animal's fleshier portion and undigested parts will be converted into manure. Government land is available at Shettyhalli, Dasarahalli or Medi Agrahara and we are working out the details. The plant will need a 30x40 site," said an official of the animal husbandry department.

Under the environmental recycling system (ERS), a combination of low-pressure drying fermentation system and micro-organisms will be used to convert organic waste into manure/animal feed ingredients. Indigenous, aerobic microbes that can beeasily found in the vicinity of the plant willbeusedin the process. The organic waste is mixed with microbes for two to three hours which takes place in a vacuum at controlled temperature.

The official said the plants will be used only by BBMP, which has to ensure disposal of 25 tonnes of animal waste from approximately 4,800 meat shops and three of its slaughterhouses.