Bamboo Based Drip Irrigation For Production Of Fruit Crop


Farmer’s Profile

Name: Mr. Shenbhalang Khongjoh

Age: 38 years

Education level: Secondary

Address: Quinine Nongladew,Ri-Bhoi, Nongpoh,, Meghalaya

Mobile number: 8974984694,8974999553

Area: 5.5 ha


In Meghalaya particularly in Ri-bhoi district of Meghalaya, there is huge water scarcity during winter months as there is little or no occurrence of rain from November to March.During this period, rain fed Khasi Mandarin orchard suffers the most. To overcome this problem, Mr. Shenbhalang Khongjoh, a progressive farmer from Quinine Nongladew,Ri-bhoi district started this innovation of Bamboo based drip irrigation.


The farmer has a Khasi mandarin orchard with 2400 plants on a small hillock. The orchard was established in the year 2003 on seedling root stock. It is a rain fed orchard with no alternative arrangement for irrigation during winter months. Especially from November to March, the area faces acute shortage of water, which leads to drying of plants. The farmer has devised a method with an objective to give life saving irrigation directly to the root zone of the plants by using bamboo. He selected 3–3.5 feet long, 3–4 inch diameter bamboo and the inter nodes on top and middle were removed. On the bottom of the node a very small hole was made for dripping of water. Thorn of Khasi mandarin was used to plug the hole to control the flow of water. Each bamboo has a capacity to hold around 2 to 3 liters of water.Each tree was fitted with 1 to 2 bamboos near the base of the plant so that each drop of water released can directly wet root zone. The water is to be refilled 2– 3 times in a week. The same piece of bamboo can be used for 3 years if properly stored when not in use. With the intervention of KVK Ri-Bhoi, a Jalkund of size 5x4x2 m with water storage capacity of 40000 litres has been constructed in his orchard for life saving irrigation and higher production of Khasi mandarin.

The innovation has substantially reduced the water stress condition of the orchard which enhances the productivity of the crop. Three liters of water is discharged through the holes made in the bamboo within three days. The water droplets wet the basin of the tree and mulching on the tree basin also helps to retain the soil moisture.

Outcome/ Impact•

Yield: 45-55 fruits per tree before intervention (13-14 years old tree).105-115 fruits per tree after starting of intervention in the year 2016 (13-14 years old tree) (*Innovation + fertilizer application + other scientific POP)•

Reduction in labour mandays: 55 mandays per month as compared to145 mandays before intervention during Nov-March (62% less labour utilized as there were less numbers of labours engaged for manual irrigation)•

Cost of production/year/ha: ` 95459.00,Net return ` 99230 ha/yr•

B:C Ratio in the first year of innovation intervention: 2.03

The innovation has been in practice by Mr. Shenbhalang Khongjoh for last few years. But as he came in contact with the KVKRi-Bhoi, the innovation was applied in more organized and systematic manner. Besides irrigation management other management activities supported by scientific POP was applied to enhance yield and the technology was validated by KVK Ri-Bhoi. Farmers’meetings were organized to showcase the benefit of the innovation vis a vis they were shown the importance of water management for successful orchard.