Awareness Program On “Business Opportunities In Value Added Fish Products” – 05.04.2019

By Dr. P. Karthickumar on 05 Apr 2019

The department of fish process engineering at College of Fisheries Engineering, Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University, Nagapattinam, hosted an awareness program on Business opportunities in value added fish products on 5th April 2019 under NADP scheme entitled Creating a Platform “Kayalagam” –The Future Store for Amplification of Marketing of Diversified Fish Products in Tamil Nadu. More than 50 students participated and benefited from this program where from the field of BBA, B.Com and MBA from Sir Isaac Newton Arts and Science College, Nagapattinam. The Inauguration was headed by Dean and the Head of the Department Prof. K. Rathnakumar of College of Fisheries Engineering along with Faculty of Fish Process Engineering.  

Dr. P. Karthickumar the Co-Principal Investigator of the scheme Kayalagam under which this awareness program was conducted gave the welcome address which was followed up by the Presidential address given by Prof. K. Rathnakumar. In the Presidential address, Prof. K. Rathnakumar briefed about the necessity of youngsters who could take the current fish markets to a new level, where there is great availability of varied value added products developed from fish. In addition to that Prof. K. Rathnakumar elaborated about the facilities that are available in the Fish Processing Incubation Facility and how they extend a hand in helping the budding entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Prof. K. Rathnakumar spoke about the field of study present in our college and the numerous employment opportunity in this field.

Then the program proceeded with a lecture series, the first lecture was from Dr. N. Manimehalai on the Production of Value added fish products and their importance.

While the second lecture was given by Dr. P. Karthickumar on the topic Business opportunities in fish processing and their marketing strategies. In this awareness program, the students were also explained about each equipment that are available in the facility and the technologies available for preserving, processing and packaging fish and fish products.

Finally, we also had a brainstorming section along with the students were they expressed their doubts which was clarified by the faculties of the department. The programme was coordinated by Dr. P. Karthickumar and Hozen Ricchie Rose.