Assam floods: Agriculture minister asks for Rs 200-crore in damages

By Times Of India on 01 Aug 2017 | read
GUWAHATI: Assam agriculture minister Atul Bora on Monday said the department has sought Rs 200 crore from the Centre to meet the needs of farmers after the devastating floods in the state. On the new agriculture plan, the minister said the agriculture university is working on it.

"To meet the losses incurred in floods, we have sought Rs 200 crore from the Centre. The loss has been huge and we are doing our best to sort it out," Bora told reporters. The minister said they have estimated a loss of over Rs 193 crore.

He added, "But we can't let the farmers suffer because of this. We have already distributed paddy saplings among the affected farmers. A huge area has been submerged by silt after the floods."

The agriculture department has sought Rs 8 crore separately to clear silt from agricultural land.

So far this year, at least 83 people have lost their lives to floods. More than 2 lakh hectares of agricultural land have been damaged by floodwaters in 29 districts.

Bora said the new farmers' policy will be announced within the next 10 days.

Besides floods, erosion is another major hurdle for the farmers of the state. The state has lost around 4.27 lakh hectares of land since 1950 in erosion, which amounts to 7.4% of the state's total landmass. Over 1.5 lakh people have been displaced after they lost their land and property to floods and erosion in the last decade.