As posted yesterday, rains in ghats in Cauvery catchment, ghats in Tamil Nadu (Valparai & Nilgiris) has slowed down

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 30 Aug 2017
Now the action starts in the eastern districts of Tamil Nadu. So Chennai get ready for lively action tonight.
No heavy rains happened any where in Tamil Nadu as rumored in whatsapp blah blah. Just because something is shown in TV or newspapers don't blindly believe them of forward them.

Chennai Rains - Expecting good action tonight
See as soon as the monsoon winds slow down, the sea breeze front is seen moving freely. There is also heat related convergence happening inland and storms have formed around vellore belt. Its going to be a daily affair from now on. So busy days for me. Not only Chennai, all districts are going to get rains atleast for one or two day in next 1-2 weeks. There is a special post coming tomorrow by noon on the mind blowing August rains and upcoming awesome September.

Dams inflow - Best day for Cauvery dams
KRS Dam is getting 27680 cusecs as inflow. The highest in this year and currently has 19.7 tmc of water against total capacity of 49.45 tmc.

Kabini Dam is getting 14930 cusecs inflow. The current storage is 13.9 tmc against total capacity of 19.5 tmc.

Harangi dam has 7.9 tmc of water against total capacity of 8.5 tmc and the current inflow is 8070 cusecs. The excess water is let into KRS Dam.

Lets come to Tamil Nadu Dams
What a day here too. Lets start with Sholayar Dam. Its getting its highest inflow of the year with 4420 cusecs. The dam has 2 tmc of storage against 5 tmc total capacity.

Pillur is getting massive inflow of 6500 cusecs and has 0.8 tmc of water against full capacity of 1 tmc. 6700 cusecs from Pillur is let down to Bhavanisagar dam.

Papanasam dam is getting 2100 cusecs inflow and has 1.3 tmc of water against 5.5 tmc full capacity.

Periyar dam too is getting good inflows of 2100 cusecs and has storage of 2.2 tmc against full storage capacity of 6.8 tmc (limiting to 142 ft height).

Bhavanisagar dam which is the second biggest dam in TN is benefiting from the pillur dam surplus is having a storage of 6.8 tmc against full storage of 32.8 tmc.

Mettur is getting 6751 cusecs inflow and storage is 23 tmc against full storage of 93.5 tmc. But with levels increasing in Karnataka dams. Mettur storage is going to increase considerably.