As posted in the morning, Pudukottai, Sivaganga and parts of Ramanthapuram getting smashed by one of the intense Thunder Storm of the season

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 14 Jun 2017
Its going to cover most parts of the Sivagana and Pudukottai district. Delta region too will join the party and its going to be Damal Dumeel Type. Some 15-20 people who msged my inbox to change my page name to Chennai weatherman. If something crops up anywhere in Tamil Nadu. I will update them. Illana what will i put daily, today veyil, veyil, veyil, veyil ? what else can i put if its not raining. Please tell should i still change my name ? Adi Ammavasiku vanthu pageah pathukittu, vettiya comment panna vendiyathu. Ethao Sambalam kuduthu velaiku vechrikira mathri urimaila kekureenga. Ennaiyum show off panna vechuteengala !!! No translation required. This post is not a burst of anger...but of burst of happiness not only due to rains and many other things that happened today.