Arrival of bulk stock slashes vegetable prices by half

By Times Of India on 17 Mar 2018 | read
PANAJI: The bulk arrival of fresh vegetables in the local market has brought down retail prices to almost half of what they were last month.
At anywhere between Rs 15-20 per kg, the prices of essential vegetables like onions and tomatoes are at an all-time low. Coriander also falls in the same category, while green chillies — a kitchen staple in most Indian households — is selling for about Rs 30 per kg following a 50% drop in price compared to February.


Alongside vegetables sold in retail, the prices of those sold at the state-run horticulture outlets under Goa state horticultural corporation limited (GSHCL) have also dropped. Prices of onion, tomato and beans at the state-run stores differ from their retail counterparts by a few rupees. However, there is a significant gap between the prices of carrots, brinjals, etc (see infographic).

“Our intervention has helped the common man get fresh vegetables at subsidized rates.” said horticulture chairman, Madhav Kerkar.

Meanwhile, vegetable vendor Hyder Ali said, “There has been a good produce of vegetables in the neighboring states and a lot of vegetables have come into the market as a result; therefore the low rates. The rates will continue to be like this as of now. They may jump in April once summer starts full swing.”

Besides being cheap, consumers also seemed particularly happy about the freshness of the greens as well. Attributing the reason for the freshness to delivery timings, another vendor said, “The vegetable trucks are coming into the market early every day. Therefore, the fresh supply. Otherwise it comes at 7-8am, but now, since summer has just begun, the stock comes in by 5am so as not to get affected by humidity.”