April in Feb, people await worst summer

By Hindustan Times on 28 Feb 2006 | read

EXPERIENCE OF April in February! This is what happening in the industrial city of Kanpur. The sudden surge in mercury has also resulted in a sudden change in wardrobe too.

Woolen dresses are no more in fashion as it used to be in the month of February. Sunglasses and caps are back in business. Such conditions actually start in the later half of March but this time winter has been an easy victim of geographical circumstances.

Why this? On being asked, Prof DC Keim of CSA University said that the temperature had increased in the absence of rains in the recent past. He further said wheat and barley crops would be affected badly by this temperature and the production would also fall by at least 10 to 12 per cent. He warned that if the environment issue was not taken seriously and required steps were not taken, such developments would continue in the future.

Emphasising on natural living, he said that since man left the company of nature, he started facing these complications.

Local residents feel that this time summer will be very tough and power cuts would definitely compound their problems.

Mosquito menace is another problem that is gripping the city. The outskirts of the city are the affected areas. As a result, malaria and other mosquito-related diseases have started to erupt in those areas.

Meanwhile, Met Office sources said the hot conditions prevailing will continue for another few days after which, the conditions are likely to mellow down.