App to help farmers get better yield

By Times Of India on 21 Jan 2018
PUNE: Now there is a mobile application that will help farmers to grow safe and residue-free produce. FarmERP Lite is a mobile app that will help farmers take smart decisions related to residue-free produce, pre-harvest interval, maximum residue limit among other things.
The app also tells farmers if their plot is safe or unsafe for harvest. Sanjay Borkar, CEO and co-founder, Shivrai Technologies Pvt Ltd (the agency that launched the app), said, "We have heard about farmers spraying unregistered chemicals. Climate change has led to an increase in pests, while crops are more prone to diseases these days. This compels farmers to spray large amounts of insecticides and fungicides to save the crop."

He, however, added that presence of the chemical residue on fresh produce makes it unsuitable for human consumption.

This is where the app comes in handy. It helps growers take decisions related to residue-free produce.