Anthiyur farmers demand revival of abandoned water scheme

By TheHindu on 05 Apr 2017 | read

Farmers in Anthiyur taluk are keenly anticipating revival of the Maniyachipallamm -Varattupallam-Valukkuparai link scheme that was conceived in mid-70s and subsequently abandoned for reasons unknown.

In later years, the scheme was truncated and only the dam was constructed. Varattupallam dam now receives rainwater from only 20 % of the catchment area on Burgur hills, and a large extent drains into Palar river segmenting Tamil Nadu-Karnataka states.

Representatives of local farmers associations said that as much as four tmc water that is realised in Maniachipallam could be diverted if a check dam is constructed at Tholli hamlet and water is either pumped or tunnelled from there to Varattupallam through a separating hill.

Feasibility for reviving the scheme that also includes a provision to divert water from the Varattupallam dam to Valukkuparai catchment area that is the source for Ennamangalam tank was explored in recent years, informed sources said.

Currently, surplus water from the Varattupallam dam is the source for a few large tanks, including Gettisamudram, Anthiyur and Aapakudal tanks, and a number of smaller tanks that are all interlinked. The fructification of the scheme would recharge aquifer significantly in the entire Anthiyur belt, and the surplus water will find its way to Bhavani and Cauvery rivers, Senathipathy, a local farmer said, explaining that in such an eventuality, the very dynamics of agriculture in Anthiyur area will transform from rainfed irrigation to regular cropping.

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