An Ecopreneur – Economy While Sustaining Ecology

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 08 Jun 2016 | read

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“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth,” said by Peter Drucker, Author and Management Consultant.The quote comes true by the determination of Shri Ramchandra Appari displayed through hisAgriventure “Green Morning Horticulture Services Pvt. Ltd.” Mr. Ramchandra Appari (35) has exemplified the unification of innovative ideas in the traditional method of landscaping with an objective to bring modern Agriculture into the corporate sector and earning millions by paving the transformation in traditional landscaping. He says, “Rome was not built in a day”; like wisehe took 6 years to start his Agriventure and reap success. Though he completed Masters in both Entomology and Agri-business Management, his interest took the entrepreneurship route for the first time when he attended the 60-day AC&ABC training at Participatory Rural Development Initiatives (PRDIS) training institute, Hyderabad. After completion of AC&ABC training, due to lack of finance, he joined Future General Life Insurance company as a Branch Manager at Hyderabad in 2009; but the motivation and the bug of entrepreneurship inducted by PRDIS-Hyderabad was still lingering in his mind. Every day, after office hours, he used to survey clients, friends,relatives and filled up around 500 questionnaires before he started his venture. He accomplished an extensive market survey with a foolproof frame work of Agriventure and left the job. In the year 2010, he launched an Agriventure in name of “Green Morning Horticulture Services Pvt.Ltd.”. Initially, he gathered a good team of experts and offered them equal partnership by offering share. All the experts had rich experience in horticulture services. Innovative Landscaping found a favorable demand in the market. They transformed landscaping with new concepts like Old Tree plantation, Vertical Gardening, Organic potted vegetable gardens etc., wherein they found less competition but huge profit. The concept gradually became popular in the corporate sector and a small innovation became a big business model. Client-trust is the Mantra of the success ful venture. Green morning team followed this Mantra and has achieved spotless record of delivery of services and consistent record of getting over 60% of repeat business from customers. His list of corporate customers comprises of Indian Army, Metro-Rail-Hyderabad, CMC Ltd., Mylan, NCC

Ltd., APIIC, Sancta Maria ,NOVOTEL, Salz, CDRI etc. The services of Green morning Agriventure include:

• Landscape Designing & Development

• Vertical & Terrace Gardens

• Tree transplantation

• Plant Rentals

• Agri and Horticulture Consultancy

• Vermi-compost sale

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Green Morning Firm is continuously providing consultancy to farming communities through Haritha Nursery. The Nursery’s priority has been to grow indigenous, tropical, ornamental fruit trees, shrubs and climbers to replace the large numbers chopped down in Hyderabad City and surrounding areas. Rejuvenation of old trees is one of the major activities of the firm which helps to save the ecology. The staff members are well trained and always ready to give advice on how and where to plant trees. The nursery uses its own Vermin-compost and also makes it available for sale. Tropical fruits and ornamental plants are sold at a discount or donated to help conservation efforts in the area. Green Morning firm has an annual turnover of Rs.10 Crore from Horticulture consultancy services. A total of 12 trained staff are enrolled on their pay roll. Shri Ramchandra Appari says “The vision of the Green Morning firm is to encourage and empower the farming community towards hi-tech urban Agriculture.”

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