An aye for gardening

By TheHindu on 18 Oct 2017 | read

There's always that doubt whether the food you eat is organic or not. But what if you could do away with the worry and grow your own veggies? Well then, it’s time to get familiar with gardening.

Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants and creating green spaces. You could grow all types of plants – from fragrant roses to tangy tomato. What you choose to cultivate is in your hands.

You don't need a backyard or a big space to grow plants. Gardening is an activity you can perform on your balcony or terrace. Whether you grow two or twenty plants, you are still a gardener.

Gardening is considered by many as a relaxing activity with several other benefits also on offer. These include:

Brings you closer to nature: Gardening is an activity that demands your attention every day. It helps you connect with nature and understand its workings. And, in the process of raising your own garden, you tend to get close with nature.

Teaches you the value of things: Toiling and working to see those flowers bloom or that spring onion sprout teaches you the value of labour and food. It helps you appreciate the lives of farmers who grow the food you eat.

Develops patience: As mentioned earlier, gardening involves tending to your plants almost every day and giving them the care and nourishment they need. Each plant takes its own time to grow and you would have to wait till you feel like a proud parent seeing your flower blossom. This entire process helps you develop patience.

Boosts immunity: It's good to be clean and hygienic. But too much of it will do more harm than good. Several studies suggest that a little bit of dirt never hurts anyone. Gardening requires you to work with soil – an essential ingredient in the gardening process. And while you are working with the soil and growing your own food, gardening helps boost your immunity without you even knowing it.

So, with all the benefits it offers, will you say an aye for gardening as a hobby?

Akshaya Ganesh