Among drought, Tamil Nadu gets one of the Wettest South West monsoon season in last 20 years and crosses 400 mm for first time since 1996 =============================== Thanks to one of the wettest August in 50 years (161

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 30 Sep 2017 | read
8 mm) and combined with awesome September in last 13 years (162.6 mm) gave much needed rains for drought hit TN during the SWM season and there by ending our season total as one of the wettest in last 20 years. The last time the TN SWM season crossed 400 mm rainfall was during 1996 which is also the wettest ever in SWM season.

So God did not let down the state during the SW season. Lets hope magic continues in coming months. Chennai too ended in excess rains for the SWM season, though as i told many times, these rains never fill our dams.

Chennai rains tonight - One spells was witnessed in North Chennai an hour back. But the conditions look perfect for more rains later at night.