All Manual /Animal Drawn Equipment/Implements/Tools under SMAM

By Vikaspedia on 09 Nov 2016

Type of Agricultural
For SC, ST, Small & Marginal Farmers,
Women and NE States Beneficiaries
For other BeneficiariesMaximum Permissible subsidy per
Maximum Permissible subsidy per Machine/Equipmen Land Development , Tillage and Seed Bed preparation equipments (i) MB Plough
(ii) Disc Plough
(iii) Cultivator
(iv) Harrow
(v) Leveler Blade
(vi) Furrow Opener
(vii) Ridger
(viii) Puddler Rs 10,000/- Rs 8,000/- Sowing and Planting Equipments (i) Paddy Planter
(ii) Seed cum Fertilizer Drill
(iii) Raised Bed Planter
(iv) Planter
(v) Dibbler
(vi) Equipments for raising
paddy nursery Rs 10,000/- Rs 8,000/- (vii) Drum Seeder
(Below 4 Rows) Rs 1,500/- Rs 1,200/- (viii) Drum Seeder
(Above 4 Rows) Rs 1,900/- Rs 1,500/- Harvesting & Threshing Equipments (i) Ground Nut Pod Stripper
(ii) Thresher
(iii) Winnowing fan
(iv) Tree Climber
(v) Horticulture Hand tools Rs 10,000/- Rs 8,000/- (vi) Chaff Cutter (upto 3’) Rs. 5000/- Rs. 4000/- (vii) Chaff Cutter (above 3’) Rs. 6300/- Rs. 5000/- Inter Cultivation Equipments (i) Grass Weed Slasher
(ii) Weeder
(iii) Conoweeder
(iv) Garden Hand Tools Rs. 600/- Rs. 500/- Whom to Contact ?

District Agriculture Officer / District Horticulture Officer / Project Director, ATMA

Source:Department of Agriculture & Cooperation