Air Layering In Guava

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 08 Jan 2016 | read

This video explains the process of propagating Guava via Air Layering Method. You will require a grafting knife, sphagnum moss,  plastic sheet and a piece of string. Soak the moss in water and squeeze the water. Select the branch and with the grafting knife make a cut around the stem and through the bark. Remove the ring of bark, leaving the inner woody tissue exposed.  Apply a handful of damp sphagnum moss so that it envelopes the wounded portion of the stem. Squeeze out surplus water before using, since excessive moisture will result in decay and deterioration of the plant tissue.  Cover the Moss with the Plastic sheet and tie the plastic tightly below and above the ball of moss. After sometime (2-3 months) you will see roots on the moss. Remove the branch below the moss with the roots and plant it in a container.