Agroworld 2018 Fruit Festivals:

By Indian Council of Food and Agriculture on 22 Sep 2018 | read


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Fruit Festivals

AgroWorld 2018 Fruit Festivals

Fruits are essential part of a nutritional diet. Different countries grow a variety of fruits, which are consumed locally and also traded globally, both in fresh and dried or preserved forms. India is a hub of growing a large number of fruits from mango to banana, grapes, oranges, apples, litchi, pomegranates, cashew, guava, strawberries, papaya etc. However, given the rising incomes in the country, India is importing a large quantity of fruits from all over the world and the demand is estimated to rise at the rate of 15% plus over the next decade or so. Looking into the high market potential and trade opportunity, ICFA is organizing country specific fruit festivals by puing  up special fruit display pavilions, seminars, organizing buyer-seller meets, cultural programs, cooking competition, prizes etc.